Child & Spousal Support

When separating from your spouse or significant other, it can be difficult to properly care for yourself and your children. Keeping this in mind, Andrea Dolan Bouchard Family Law offers a series of services designed to help you receive the necessary support.

Traditionally, men would pay support to their spouse or the mother of their children. While this is still a fairly common practice, contemporary courts recognize that this isn’t always the case. With most women in the workforce, more females have started to support their former husbands.
No matter the specifics, it’s important to understand how courts determine child support. Thankfully, I’ve handled an array of support cases in the past. Let us start the process today to consider all the following factors while studying your case:
  • Parent Incomes
  • Child Care Costs
  • The Child’s Individual Needs
  • Custody Arrangements
If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with my legal staff, be sure to contact 760-775-3739 today. Our child and spousal support options are sure to exceed your expectations.