Juvenile Law

The term “delinquency” refers to an act committed by a juvenile that is designated as a crime under the law. If your child has recently been charged with a crime, it’s imperative that you seek out strong representation. When it comes to your kids, only the best will do.

The same can also be said for matters of dependency. If your current charges have to do with abuse or neglect, there’s no reason you should settle for subpar legal assistance. Fortunately, all you have to do is contact Andrea Dolan Bouchard Family Law today.

Whether you’re facing charges of dependency or delinquency, don’t hesitate to give me a call. Contact 760-775-3739 to schedule your initial consultation.

Within recent years, juvenile law has received more attention than ever before. Following a number of high-profile Supreme Court decisions, many major changes were enacted throughout the juvenile court system. As a result, young children are now afforded greater due process protections. Keeping this in mind, we can ensure that every child receives fair and just treatment.

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